Nov 292012

I’ve posted a couple of Spotify song links recently. I was under the mistaken impression (I didn’t test the links) that they would, oh, you know, cause the songs to play. But they don’t. They cause Spotify to launch, and then to play the songs. This sucks. But this is not what I want. Sorry, […]

Nov 292012

I have a friend. Like many women – like most women I know, horrifyingly – she’s been raped. Like even more (I can’t substantiate that with a citation, but I believe it to be true), she has the occasional rape fantasy. Though her “fantasy” is really just that – having been through the real thing, […]

Nov 282012
Polyamory and swinging

Dan Savage wrote a column last week arguing, forcefully, that polyamory isn’t a sexual orientation. This seems to me akin to “presenting both sides of the evolution debate,” granting some basic structural plausibility to a ridiculous assertion, the mere speaking aloud of which grants it more legitimacy than it ever should enjoy. Rather than add my […]

Nov 272012

I wrote the other day about how I sometimes use porn (and, incidentally, used commercial sex) not when I’m feeling intense sexual desire, but when I’m deep on the opposite side of the desire spectrum, when I’m feeling pain, numb, or worse, almost dead. I’ve been thinking more about this, entertaining a counterintuitive – and, […]

Nov 262012
Petite chicks

I love ’em tiny. Some while back, I wrote about my insane, unquenchable, out-of-the-blue hunger for a redhead. Any redhead. I wrote that I don’t usually crave a type – sometimes I crave sex, and sometimes I crave sex with a specific person. But prior to that hankering, I don’t think I ever had found […]

Nov 262012

Porn’s funny. Conventional wisdom holds that we use porn when we’re horny. But this isn’t quite right, I think. I mean, I know it’s not quite right for me, and I suspect it’s not right for many. I use porn in a couple of different ways. One way – with a partner – is the closest […]

Nov 222012

It’s Thanksgiving, here in the US, and I’m genuinely thankful for much: 1. Above all, family: nuclear AND extended. We all are crazy, but I truly love my family. 2. Friends: I’m lucky to have tremendous, awesome friends, both in real life and as a result of my online existence, and at least a couple […]