Oct 252012

She’s maddeningly non-committal. Making plans is impossible. But she tantalizes me. Lying in her bad, in black briefs, her hand lifting the elastic, reaching down to her pussy. Standing, her gorgeous, round ass facing me, in a pink g-string, topless, her perfectly shaped, but heavy, breasts, dangling against her. Looking down her chest, between her […]

Oct 242012

I’m pleased. My sister blogger, Liza, seems to be returning to the world of blogging. This is a win for all, as she writes great, and is fun and funny. She writes (exceedingly well) about her and her husband’s monogamous sex life. I have the sense she may be broadening a bit, writing some book […]

Oct 232012

A while back, I asked for topic suggestions – either things about which I’ve written that you enjoy reading, or suggestions for new topics. My friend, Omniwhore (who writes a great blog, btw), wrote that he would be interested to read about “how [I] deal with [my] kids in terms of what they notice, what […]

Oct 222012

I’ve previously asked about how you like to be fingered, about how you like your breasts handled. Today, I’m wondering…. When I’m going down on you, what would you like? Would you like to be blindfolded? Restrained? Just your hands? Your hands and your legs? Gagged, too? Would you like to be nude? To be […]

Oct 212012
TMI Tuesday

I don’t think I’ve ever done one of these before. Most of the time, I really don’t like them – they feel like questions I don’t want to answer, questions whose answers I don’t care about with regard to others. This week’s, though, are (a little?) interesting, and I thought I’d give it a shot, […]

Oct 212012

So for a few months now, I’ve been more or less half-heartedly running Frisky Friday. I began it in the aftermath of the prolific and hard-working Dangerous Lilly’s decision to shut down “Wanton Wednesday.” Shortly thereafter, Marie Rebelle started her own successor (Wicked Wednesday), and did, and continues to do, a bang-up job. At the time, […]

Oct 202012

Initially, when I first began blogging, I was laser-focused on daily page views: this seemed to me to be a pure measure of just how many of my words were read. Over time, I noticed that I became more interested in the number of “unique visitors” I attracted each day. Each of these represented a […]

Oct 182012
Frisky Friday #19

It’s Frisky Friday.  Please post your original work – photos, videos, audio, words, sculpture, what have you – anything about sex or sexuality.  DumbDomme designed this awesome badge – please put it on your post, and link to http://mydissolutelife.com/ff. Thanks!  And keep coming back.

Oct 172012
Something familiar, part 2

Continuation of this post, featuring Jen and Mara. So back we went – we picked up our clothes and shuffled out of the dark little room in which we’d begun fucking and sucking and licking one another. Mara apologized to me: “I felt sort of bad, fucking him before we’ve even fucked – it’s sort […]