Sep 302012

Women’s breasts are so different.

Are yours sensitive? Do you want me to squeeze them, pinch them, suck them, bite them?

Do you want me to trace my finger, my tongue, lightly around your nipple?

To flick it? Lick it?

Or do you want me to clench my teeth down hard on it? To squeeze it between my thumb and forefinger as hard as I can, to make you wince?

Do you want me to roll it gently between my fingers?

To squeeze the breast itself hard? Slap it? Hit it?

Or would you prefer I cup it, gently, lovingly?

Do you want me to stroke it through your t-shirt? Through your dress? Through your bra?

Or do you want me to tear off what’s covering to gain access, to devour it?

It’s so hard to know – I try to read your signals, but until we’re in the mix, I’ll never know.

  6 Responses to “Your breasts”

  1. Hey… hey! My eyes are up here, buddy.

  2. All of the above.ALL OF IT.

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