May 172012

Purple rubber espadrilles. Yes. Rubber espadrilles. Black leggings. A flimsy black top (cotton? silk?) protecting her ass from my gaze. Almost. She has brown, dull hair, tied atop her head. Full lips. Green, bright eyes. High cheekbones. She’s a dancer – ballet? As she waits, one leg is bent, resting on just her toes.

She eats from a box of Girl Scout cookies. Tagalongs.

  4 Responses to “Creep shot”

  1. I think these should be called something other than “creep shots”.  I don’t find them offensive in the least- but maybe I’m a minority here?  I just think they’re kinda nice.  I wouldn’t mind being checked out in this fashion, but Creep Shots are, well, creepy.

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