May 272012
C cums again

Just yesterday, I posted C’s first (and second) orgasm(s) here.  Today, we have the next one.  It’s a similarly slow build, but the crescendo comes sooner, and it’s a little more intense. Honestly – I could just listen to this shit all day long. Listen here.

May 242012
Spreadsheeting orgasms

If you’re a geek like me, those two words, together, are pretty much the cat’s fucking meow.  (Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen this hysterical new blog – “Indifferent Cats in Amateur Porn” – you must go.  Hat tip to Violet Blue for calling my attention to this vital new contribution to the blogiverse.) […]

May 242012

I’ve continued thinking a lot about creep shots – partly, because you keep commenting on my previous posts on the subject; partly because I miss taking them; and partly because, well, because “creep shots” turns up among my readers’ Google queries leading here more than any other search term. Seriously. To bring you up to […]

May 232012

In no particular order: Leggings/yoga pants Tank tops Stray hairs Beads of sweat Flouncy skirts Translucent material Lip gloss Jeans Public displays of affection – especially boy/boy or girl/girl Glimpses of ass at the bottom of shorts High heels and short skirts (somewhat in spite of myself) Gay men – all of them IPod earbuds […]

May 222012

This one wasn’t recorded specifically for me, for this blog, and so for that reason, it’s a little less hot for me than the others posted on my Orgasms page, but still…. It’s hot, and I sort of like the idea of hosting Dangerous Lilly’s orgasms.  Who knows?  Maybe she’ll give us more, over time, […]

May 222012

Last night, I had a “fight” – I think – with a distant buddy of mine.  I’m not sure what happened, exactly, except that I have the sense that I said something that was a bit insensitive, and it upset her.  I think.  She didn’t say anything, but that was notable:  our conversation ended earlier, […]