Apr 052012

They have even more curves than your body. Starting at the left, the lip ascends gradually then more quickly, then gradually again, racing a sultry peak just before diving down at the middle. Then, a steep rise before turning down again, first slow, then quick, then slow again.

And that’s just the top one.

  5 Responses to “Your lips”

  1. What a tender, and sexy way to describe lips.I use to be self conscious about my small lips in a world (Southern Cali) obssesed with plump lips.

  2. I love my lips, too, because I have the female version of my dad’s mouth- the exact shape but a little fuller bottom lip.  It is silly but I am comforted when I look in the mirror and recognize that now that he is no longer around. 

  3. Attention to detail is really sexy.

    My lips are one of the only things I have never wished to change on my body.

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