Apr 302012
“Wanna make out?”

She texted him. “Yes,” he said. Minutes later, they were pressing against one another, his hard cock grinding into her pussy (through their jeans), pressing her ass against his hands, against the bricks in the alley.  He cupped her tiny ass, pulling it toward him, as their mouths fell onto one another.  His hand snaked […]

Apr 282012

(Warning: this post has nothing to do with sex. Don’t read on if you’re not interested in the non-sexy parts of this blog. This is a pure-and-simple journey into my psyche.) These three things suck: 1)  Wanting what I don’t have. 2)  Not wanting what I do have. 3)  Worrying that I’ll lose what I […]

Apr 272012
Third-person erotica

When a woman is aroused by my words, when she is moved to respond to my requests, when she doesn’t judge me, but instead, fulfills me?  I’m in heaven. I’m not allowed to tell you her name, or who she is.  But she wants what I want: You ask what I want. I want to […]

Apr 272012

Are you hard? A little? I’m very hard. Very fucking hard. I’m glad. Wish I was just around the corner. You’d get a text message from me.  “Come down, bring condoms” I’d reply, “I have them. Come up.” “No, come down.” “Careful what you wish for. You sure?” “Yes, why should I be careful?” I […]

Apr 262012

She is 25. Maybe 27. She’s 5’4″ tall. Her hair – brunette, shiny, shoulder-length – is pulled back, in a chignon. A sloppy chignon, but a chignon. Her eyes are big, and hazel. Her nose, angular, long. Her cheekbones are high and her face is slender, lean, long. Her top lip ifs vanishingly thin. The […]

Apr 262012

We all use one another. In my experience, sex is at its best when we’re totally selfish – when we unapologetically pursue our own desires.  I’m not saying sex is best for me when I unapologetically pursue my own desires (though it is).  I’m making several more grand claims:  that it’s better for me when […]

Apr 252012
A view from below

I don’t know her name.  I know the first letter of her name.  And I know the last letter. I know that she’s young, 24.  I know only a few bare-bones details about her life.  We rarely talk about anything other than one another’s bodies, about the things we want to do to one another.  […]

Apr 242012
Dear Liza and D:

Liza tells me she’s been dreaming about me. I’m flattered. She tells me that, the other night, I gave her directions as to how she should fuck D. It’s not often I can make dreams come true…. Accordingly (and, from here on out, I’m mostly addressing Liza; D and Liza both, please accept my thanks […]

Apr 222012

Muscular, toned, slender.  The ridge of her shinbone shines in the sunlight.  The calf muscle swells out, bulges out, below, luscious, sensual, with a  gentle slope leading down to it.  The shin connects to the ankle, which pops out, a tiny little ball peeking out of the flesh of her calf.  Her feet extend luxuriantly […]

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