Mar 292012

… lap hungrily at your cunt, drinking you in, pushing my tongue into you, against you.

While I feel my cock growing, insistently, in anticipation of replacing my tongue, of plunging into you, of bumping against your g-spot.

While I squeeze your round ass hard, pulling you against me, pulling me deeper into you.

While I pinch your nipples hard, but not too hard.

While I bite your lip, while I send my tongue deep into your mouth.

While I whisper filthy words, filthy plans.

While I thank you for granting me the use of your lovely body, your delicious self.

Thank you.

  3 Responses to “You look down at me, while I…”

  1. Mmm, that sounds pretty perfect indeed.

  2. Seems like the ideal way to spend the afternoon.

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