Mar 282012

So the part where your waist flares out into your hips is pretty fucking magical. You know that?

Possible scenarios: 1) Meet for a movie. 2) Meet for chaste coffee, just chat. 3) Meet in a bar, dress as I direct…

… and do as I request (just hand over the reins after five minutes so you can feel free to say no)

Meet in a hotel bar. Again, dress as I request. I’ll send you upstairs to play with yourself. I’ll join you if invited.


Meet for a conventional dinner date, suffused with expectation. Oh, and me fingering you under the table.

Drink at a bar, flirting shamelessly. I’ll watch. At a certain point, I’ll swoop in. You may decide if you want to leave with me.

Simply put on a show for me in your hotel room: I want to see you in (and out of) every item of clothing you packed.

I want to see your grey hairs.

I want to pull your grey hairs.

I wouldn’t mind cumming on your grey hairs.

  17 Responses to “She’s self-conscious about her grey hair”

  1. Oh I do love the strangers in a bar idea. One day. I shall do that.

    (I have just heart-stoppingly almost posted with my work disqus login. If I ever do that and need you to delete it you had better be available on the button!!)

  2. Fingering under the table? I can barely have my legs stroked. Innnerestingg.

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