Mar 042012

1.  I’m having intermittent difficulty loading my blog on my browser.  Are you having this problem?

2.  Comments still haven’t been imported.

3.  Posts with “read more” breaks forward back to the old blog.

4.  At least a couple of posts (“Afternoon Delight,” others?) don’t seem to be working for all.


Any problems you’ve encountered?  Also, I’ve merged the two RSS feeds, so if you’re an RSS subscriber to the old blog you should have been brought over here.  E-mail subscribers, however, are currently not being updated.  I haven’t figured out yet a good e-mail subscription plug-in for WordPress.  Suggestions from those who know?

  4 Responses to “Problems with my blog so far”

  1. I use Chrome mostly. Seems fine.

  2. I mostly access your blog on mobile and have one small criticism. The blog title doesn’t link to the homepage(this seems to be a convention on other blogs) and the homepage isn’t in the navigation links. Occasionally I must manually trim the URL to go back to the homepage. Ideally the title “my dissolute life” would have that link so I could avoid this.

    • Thanks. I wish I had more granular control over how the blog works, particularly the mobile site, but my technical proficiency just doesn’t allow me to fix the frustrating problem you describe.

      I’m sorry – I appreciate the suggestion, and if I ever learn a bit more, I’ll (try to) implement it.

      Meanwhile, keep reading!

  3. Just checked. It works as it should on desktop, just not on mobile.

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