Mar 302012

As I walked out of my gym yesterday, a good-looking guy tripped on the doorstop that propped open the door. He bumped into me.

“Sorry,” he said.  “I saw you and I lost my concentration.  Thanks!”

Now, you ladies hear this stuff all the time, and it’s got a dose of power/threat in it sometimes.  We men?  We never hear it.  At least I don’t.

And it felt very nice.

  4 Responses to “I love gay men”

  1. When you’re pretty much hetero I think there’s also a wonderful thrill to (sort of) getting hit on by someone of the same sex. I remember the one time I was *really* the target of very cute lesbian. It was a very fun flirtation.

    However, I would almost never say what your gym guy said to a random hot guy, mostly b/c of the concern that he would think it was totally forward come on and, therefore, invitation.

  2. Swoon. Nothing like someone losing concentration because of you, no matter who they are the better looking the better

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