The video I posted with my “Namaste” post was super-hot, right?  Well, if you liked that one, here’s another one from Equinox – same model, equally hot.

AND, if you have a sense of humor – here’s a third one.  I’m not embedding it because it’s decidedly not hot.  At least not to me.  But it will make you laugh.  (Thanks to the Historian for pointing me to this one.)


  1. Oh that’s funny. He may not be yoga fit but any man who can laugh at himself that way is hot to me 🙂

        1.  Oh my that list is growing by the day 🙂
          Yes. If I had the choice of that man who has humour, is self-effacing and could make me laugh or some gym fit drone then I would choose the man with humour every time. I want a man to make love to me not himself!

          1.  If you could combine the two somewhere on my small island… oh yeah. I know him already 🙂

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