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I won’t be posting my voice on here, I think. I recorded a post yesterday – it was a good one, all about my first ever paid blowjob. I put it up on this blog in “draft” form, and I went to the “preview” page and pressed “listen.” And I thought, “No. Fucking. Way.”

There’s the typical vanity – like many people, when I hear my own voice, I have a slightly negative reaction. “Really? THAT’S how I sound?” But more than that, my reaction was about anonymity. Thus far, even people who know me well could read this and not realize it’s my writing. My voice? Totally identifiable. And what with how Google Voice is ascendant, and Google’s business model is what it is, I don’t doubt that in three or five years, it’ll be possible to do a search of my voice and identify it as mine.

I’m just not ready to take that big a leap toward discover-ability.



  1. Yeah, that’s how most people feel about their voices. I know a guy who does voice over work and he hates listening to himself. He’s got a velvety,deep,sexy voice. I don’t blame you for not going for it ,though it would have been nice.

    1. But to be clear – the vanity thing is small. It’s really the anonymity thing. I want to be anonymous, and I think posting my voice would effectively end that. If there weren’t that concern, I’d totally post it.

  2. HAHA! I walked into a supermarket at the age of around 38. The woman at the counter addressed me by my maiden name. I had absolutely no idea who she was. She said “I’d know that voice anywhere, we were in primary school together.”. Aside of the questionable impression of a woman whose voice had not changed in over 30 years, it explains why I may as well make an announcement on the evening news as put an audio clip on an anonymous blog!  Voices can indeed be a dead giveaway. You are right to be cautious.

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