Money shot

Before I say anything, you should know that I’m writing this with T next to me, moaning as she applies the Hitachi Magic Wand to herself for a little post-coital bliss.  “It’s not like a human,” she just declared.  “It’s sort of miraculous.”

But anyway….  T and I had planned a night out – we were planning to go to Gemini & Scorpio’s Valentine’s kissing party.  I confess, I’m a bit trepidatious about these G&S parties – their invitations caution against insufficiently extravagant clothing, and advise that people should “think Burning Man” when getting dressed.

I think, in general, if you have to spend an hour or more Googling just what that means – looking at pictures of men at Burning Men, trying to find pictures of G&S parties – then probably it’s precisely you (or, to be precise, me) that the velvet rope is meant to exclude.

In the event, we didn’t need to be excluded by them.  We missed our second consecutive such party, succumbing once again to the Friday-evening fatigue with which every early-mid-40s parent couple is intimately familiar.

We retired to our bedroom, and commenced our current form of foreplay, blog-reading and writing in parallel, checking in with one another, sharing hot things we found.  T, like me, is a big fan of Liza’s blog, and we discussed briefly what it is about Liza’s blog that makes it so compelling, and how it differs from mine.

And then we decided we would watch Mad Men and some porn, and fuck, probably not in that order, and probably not all separately.  I suggested porn first, Mad Men later, theory being – we may pass out if we just watch Mad Men, and my cock is REALLY hard….

So porn it was.  We opened up the X-Art web site (one of my current favorites), and started watching videos.

First up was “My Best Friend’s Boyfriend.”  It began with two unbelievably hot women – a blonde and a brunette – on their backs, the blonde in a fuzzy white sweater and white cotton panties, her hand rubbing her clit, and the brunette with a faceless man’s cock resting on her lips.  This would have done just fine for me, but for T, the facelessness of the man was a problem – one I understand, but don’t share.

Next came “Seaside Romp,” which began with a man chasing a (too-thin, in my opinion) woman on the beach.  This one lasted all of ten seconds before T announced her disapproval.

There was another, “VIP Lounge,” this one with a platinum-haired blond guy, reminiscent of Rocky in “Rocky Horror,” and yet another perfect brunette.

“I know,” she said.  “I’m being difficult.”

“Don’t be silly,” I said, and I meant it.  It’s ALL hot to me, although I, too, was pleased to move on.

Then came “Prelude to an Orgy.”  This one featured Faye, an intensely freckled, red-headed woman with a tiny waist, nice meaty ass, and yummy-looking breasts, and a muscular, somewhat generically good-looking muscular blond guy.  It opened with her sliding back and forth on his cock as they fucked doggy-style, and shortly, we saw them first cuddling and then, him licking her shaven pussy as she moaned.

I like X-Art videos in part because they feel real, not acted.  This one was no exception.  The performers didn’t seem to be conscious of the camera, they weren’t overly dramatic, I had the genuine sense we were just watching two people fuck.

At this point, T’s hand was in her panties, and I had one between her legs and one between mine.  My cock couldn’t possibly have been harder.  “I want to fuck you from behind while we both watch,” I said.

“That sounds hot,” she said.  She rolled over on her side and I pulled her black cotton panties down, my boxer briefs off.  I slid my cock inside her as I pulled her toward me.  I couldn’t see the laptop’s screen, but I didn’t care.   It took a few moments before I was sliding in and out in earnest, but soon I was:  I pulled her toward me by her breasts, by her throat, and she pressed back into me.

I pulled out of her, and for just a moment, she swallowed my cock.  I pressed her head down, her mouth reaching the base as I pressed deep into her throat.  Then, I pulled her up and moved her onto her hands and knees.  The video came to an end as the guy came on her chest and into her open, waiting mouth, and I pressed play on the next one before resuming our fucking.

The next video was “Private Tutor,” featuring Emma and “Mr. X.”  He may be the same actor as the one who had just fucked Faye – I’m not sure.  She is a platinum blonde, slender, with multiply pierced labia.  As the video began, she was sucking his cock, and I slid mine into T once more.

I pushed her head down into the bed, leaning on her sculpted shoulderblades as I pounded her.  (She has preternaturally defined shoulderblades and back muscles, from years of swimming.)  In and out, I fucked, first with her legs spread and me between them, and then, closing her legs and moving mine to the outside, as more of a piledriver, I continued.

As is her wont, after a few minutes of this, her cunt expelled my cock as she came, gushing a torrent of salty liquid all over our bed and the pillow we had positioned under her.  And then I was back inside her, my arm around her throat, pulling her whole body toward me as I rocked back and forth.  On the screen, Mr. X. pulled out of Emma and shot cum all over her stomach and, for the first time in the 8 1/2-minute video, Emma looked directly in the camera as she squeezed her small tit and smiled.

While still pounding T, I selected what would be the last video – “My Love.”  This, it turned out, was a solo effort, featuring Eufrat, playing with herself.  She’s a stunning brunette with a radiant smile, big natural breasts, and dressed in black lingerie.

T was by now oblivious to the porn, having cum several times, and my cock still sliding in and out of her as I pressed her face down with one hand while navigating on the laptop with the other.

“Shit – this one’s solo,” I said.

“I don’t care,” she said.  “But you know what would be hot?”

“What?” I said, as she squeezed her thighs tight on my cock.

“If, when you’re about to cum, you pull out…”

“And cum all over your back?” I said.

“Yes….” she moaned.

She was still wearing a sexy blue cotton top.  I thought momentarily either about taking it off, or trying not to cum on it.  But then I was thinking about other things as I sped up my pace, pulling her body toward me, pumping deep into her.  I could feel that she was tiring, and so I began my final lap.  I thrust deeper, harder, as Eufrat’s hand was rubbing her clit, and as she started fucking herself with a black silicone dildo.

I felt the waves come closer, the cum start to rise, and I pulled my cock out, shooting all over her ass and lower back just as she came, and Eufrat came.  “Keep touching me,” T said, and I pulled out, and rubbed her cunt furiously with my hand, more salty cum squirting out of her.

We lay together, spooning for a few moments, and then, as I left to go to the bathroom, she switched the wand on….


  1. This is such a hot post. D likes to do the same thing, in terms of watching several videos, but unfortunately I find it distracting.Thank you for the mention, and it's very exciting to read that what I write is a prelude to getting you off. This has been a bit of theme for the weekend–other super hot writers telling me they find my work hot, too. I must repay the compliments publicly at some point.But, question–I thought that your sex life with T was off limits for the blog?

  2. Thanks!It had been, and it may yet be. Certainly, much of our relationship is off limits. One thing I have done occasionally is to write up our sex, for her. After reading this, T asked me to post it. A sensible man, I try to do as she asks, when possible.

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