Jan 092012

L‘s heart isn’t in the contest.  She thrills in my traffic, and hers is growing, too, but she simply doesn’t have the motivation.  Meanwhile, I had the good fortune to be picked up by Fleshbot last Friday (thanks, Lux), which did wonders for my numbers.  And not only are more people reading what I write, but you’re reading lots of pages on each visit (seven, on average) and staying for a while (more than five minutes).  And while I’ve tried to extract from her a picture for each visitor I send her way, this has quickly proven overwhelming, even impossible.  So I think our contest is going to need a bit of a recalibration.  Perhaps, instead of competing for visitors, we should be competing for something else – comments, perhaps?  Or average pageviews per visit?  Or length of stay?  RSS subscibers?  Blogger members?  These all seem to correct, a bit, for my greater willingness to devote time (inability not to devote time?) to this endeavor.

In any event, she should certainly be punished.

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