Sex clubs/parties in New York – Ddevious Delights

Ddevious Delights is the party I’ve been to the most.  It’s not perfect, by any stretch, but it’s in many ways the closest to something that I find compelling/comfortable.  Le Trapeze is open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.  BCD, OneLegUp and Chemistry all are infrequent parties – like, once every four to six weeks.  Ddevious Delights is a once-weekly affair.

Every week, typically on a weeknight, Saul and Cat, a 50-something couple from the Rockaways (if you’re from New York, this’ll mean something; if not, just know it’s the subject of this Ramones song) throw a party.  The party is invariably in the lovely apartment of some well heeled New Yorker, usually with spectacular views and/or outdoor spaces.  The gathering begins at 8 or 8:30 with a simple selection of beverages, crudites and cookies, and at 9:30 promptly, Saul gives a short spiel, which amounts generally to, “Have fun, be safe, and don’t make too much noise.”  Then, he asks everyone to introduce themselves by name, “because we don’t believe in anonymous sex.”  Then, he invites everyone to “remove someone else’s clothes – preferably those of someone other than the person you came with.”  And the party begins.

I’ve been at a Ddevious Delights party at which my date and I were one of three couples, and I’ve been at a party with twenty or more couples.  They vary week to week.  The median age of attendees is probably 30 or so, but the average is a bit higher, as there are a few older couples who frequent the parties.  There are a lot of regulars, including a few whom I’ve never not seen in the four or so times I’ve been, and there seems to be a clique of folks who are friends away from the parties.  Unlike at BCD, though, I’ve never felt unwelcome at a Ddevious Delights party.  Saul and Cat ask that you provide a photo the first time (though I’m not sure they turn anyone away).  Their parties are the most like, well, parties:  they’re not sensuous or extravagant, like OLU parties or Chemistry parties (about which I haven’t yet written), they’re not quite as artificial or sterile as the BCD parties feel, and they’re not as skeezy as Le Trapeze.  They’re welcoming and fun.  Not wild and raucous, necessarily, but fun.  And Saul’s trick of having everyone get naked at once, at 9:30, makes it a plausible place for people for whom partying until 4 a.m. isn’t quite as appealing as it once was.

The crowd is less rarefied than that at OLU or Chemistry, a bit older/more mature than at BCD, and a bit younger and more attractive than at Le Trapeze.

Got it?


  1. Cat and Saul pay women $125 to bang 20 senior citizens. What a rip off considering how much money they’re making off of entrance/membership fees. They lie and say they don’t pay the girls but they do, cash at the end of the shift. Be honest, what woman is going to do that for free? Most of the patrons have bad personal hygiene, are really old, overweight, and not attractive. The girls who quit confirmed everything. They posts ads up on CL looking for girls to whore out. Dirty degenerate jews.

    1. I’m not sure what to do with this, other than to take it line by line.

      “Cat and Saul pay women $125 to bang 20 senior citizens.” Well, I wouldn’t do that (either sides of that transaction). But presumably, the women they pay are free to do other work, no? And, if they choose to do THIS work, well, then, who am I to say anything other than “Ew – doesn’t sound like the kind of party I’d like to attend.”

      “What a rip off considering….” Well, maybe. But if it is, then the women should charge more, no? And/or organize a union? Or blackmail Saul and Cat? Seriously – presumably the whole thing could be brought down by a single well timed phone call.

      On all the rest, except for the last sentence, I don’t really know what to say.

      On the last sentence? Please don’t make such comments on my blog again. I will block you, and delete your comments, if you do. They may be dirty. They may be degenerate. And they may be Jews. But surely their religion has nothing to do with the first two. And if you believe it does, you should be posting on Stormfront, not here.

  2. Thinking about checking out their smaller party on Friday afternoon. This is the only review I can find of this place. Can you give me more info on your exp?

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