A quick welcome, and an apology (ish)

The last couple of days, I put an ad on Craigslist, basically inviting people reading the M4MW and MW4MW postings to stop by here, take a look, and let me know if they are interested in… playing. Not playing in the way that those of us who “play” play. But rather, playing in the denotative sense – seeing if there’s not a way we can have some fun together.

As a means of generating traffic (and kicking L‘s ass in our contest), it’s been a great success. As a means of generating incremental content or experiences for this blog, a complete failure. I’ve gotten exactly two responses to the ad. One, a (sort of) hot erotic story, and another, an amorphous expression of interest from a couple. Either might go anywhere, and may or may not produce something for me to share (beyond this).

And the apology: to those of you who are here in response to my CL ad – I’m sorry. This was at least a little bit of a ruse to bump my numbers, just so I can have yet another excuse to spank L. But it’s been fun watching the numbers go up. And I wrote “ish” in the title because, judging from what Google Analytics tells me, people who’ve been coming here have been staying for a while, apparently liking what they’ve found. So welcome!

And I wasn’t lying – I’d love to find a way to play with you long distance, whether by writing, flirting, what have you.

Y’all come back soon, now, ya hear?

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