Jan 312012
The gym

She’s not what you think of when you think of a professional weight lifter.  She’s maybe 5’4″ tall, blonde, petite.  Well, not perfectly petite:  her hips are a bit wide, her thighs muscular, her ass meaty.  Her breasts were delicious A-cups, tiny, pert, but she decided that for her career, they needed to be D-cups, […]

Jan 302012
A spanking

The phone rang. “Get in my office!” The secretary walked into the boss’s office. “What happened to that presentation I left for you to copy?” “Presentation?  What presentation?” “The presentation.  I e-mailed it to you at 10 this morning.” “You did?!?  I …  I must have missed it.” The boss paused, opened the computer. “Wait… […]

Jan 302012
Call for submission/s

I constantly maintain a list of topics I would enjoy writing about other than my sexual experiences and fantasies. I’d love to hear suggestions from you….  What do you like reading about here, as opposed to elsewhere?  What would you like to read more of?

Jan 292012

I have known monsters. I have known, and loved, people who have committed egregious offenses against humanity, against any notion of decency. I could tell you stories that would make your blood boil, your spine shudder. But I can’t. There is a mantra in twelve-step programs:  “And what we say here, let it stay here!” […]

Jan 292012
Submissive sought

Gentle dom seeks sub for playful relationship.  No pain, humiliation.  Just sensual good times. She wrote back an hour after the ad was posted.  She was, she said, 21, brunette, buxom.  She sent an unimaginably hot picture.  Exotic-looking, olive-skinned, long brunette hair, a tight dress, an unbelievably hot body. I was sure she was a […]

Jan 282012

Fleshbot just published “Distant Rendezvous.”  They previously had linked to “She Kneels Before Me.”  I like it when Fleshbot links here.  They run a great web site, and introduce lots of people to stuff they wouldn’t otherwise see.  So if you got here by way of Fleshbot, welcome.  This isn’t your average bear among sexblogs […]

Jan 262012
Massage parlors

Back in the day, I was a habitual denizen of massage parlors.  Not the kind where you go to get a massage, alas – the kind where you go to get a happy ending, a “rub-and-tug” joint. In this post, you’ll get a little tour of a few different such places – both types of […]

Jan 262012

A couple of folks have asked for a little… clarity… about who I am, how I come to be here writing this, and about the cast of characters. My strong inclination isn’t to go too far down that road – the blog actually lays out the answers to most of those questions if you read […]