Dec 302011
Date night

On our way to see the “First Kiss” couple. The holidays have conspired to keep T and me chaste for too long, so, if nothing else, we will renew our memories of one another’s bodies. But this is in the category of a “Sure Thing.” Except that I’m not Joel. And neither of the women […]

Dec 272011

Or maybe wishes? Or fantasies? I reserve the right to add more, but here are my top seven: 7. High-concept swinging Our dinner party fantasy has never happened. Yet. I really liked the fantasy, though, and I’m disappointed both that our friends ultimately weren’t interested in the most extreme version of the fantasy and that […]

Dec 262011

1.  Please wear a skirt that’s just a little shorter than you’re usually comfortable in, thigh-highs, and heels.  Wear a tight top, and no bra.  Pull your hair back, tightly, into a pony-tail. 2.  At 6:00 p.m., please be at the clock in the center of Grand Central Station.  Have your phone in your hand. […]

Dec 262011
Christmas is fun(ny)

Turns out, a brief perusal of L’s Facebook stream reveals that her entire family was dressed in matching elven pajamas last night. Me? I was in my usual boxer briefs. And no, I’m not feeling better. But thanks for asking.

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Dec 252011
I can't breathe

Once again, T and I found ourselves sitting across from S and the Dude, once again in a bar with pretentious bartenders and ridiculously named drinks.  This bar has character, though – no sign outside, other than the ancient neon “BAR” sign that gives no indication of the ornate wooden interior, the chalkboards listing wines […]

Dec 252011
First kiss - a week ago

We sat next to each other while her boyfriend and my wife chatted. The chemistry seemed a little… spark-i-er… between her and me than between the two of them. Or maybe I just wasn’t paying that much attention to T and the Dude (though no Lebowski he), instead, sliding my hand up S’s thigh. The conversation was terrific – […]

Dec 252011
Merry Christmas

Not my holiday, but still…. L sent a ridiculous picture, of her in some sort of elven pajamas, hand in her crotch.  It would be hot if it weren’t so silly.  In any event – Merry Christmas.

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